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Trolleybuses of the BELCOMMUNMASH
      July 1, 1973 in Minsk was commissioned Repair tram and trolleybus plant (MRTTZ), now – JSC “Holding management company “Belkommunmash“.
      OJSC “Holding Managing Company “Belkommunmash,” is the leading Belarusian manufacturer of modern urban electric transport – trams, trolleybuses and electrobuses.
      Well-qualified staff and high productive potential together with advanced machine-building technologies enable Belkommunmash to maintain high competitive ability.
      Our engineers are continuously following the latest trends in the world rolling stock market which makes it possible for Belkommunmash to diversify its product range and offer the most modern and safe transportation systems to our customers.
      Belkommunmash’s marketing strategy is aimed at meeting customers’ needs to the fullest. That is why each lot of trolleybuses, trams or electrobuses is manufactured according to individual technical specifications.

BKM 32100

      Trolleybus model 32100 (base model) - low-floor, large capacity, three-door, with transistor control system of traction electric motor of alternating current,

BKM 32100

      Trolleybus model 32100D – normal capacity, three-door trolley with a transistor traction control motor system for alternating current. Equipped with an increased autonomous motion system for 20 km on a lithium-titanate batteries, what allows to run significant distances without an overhead line.

BKM 42003D

      Trolleybus model 42003D — two-door trolley with a transistor traction control motor system for alternating current. It’s equipped with an increased autonomous motion system for 20 km on a lithium-titanate batteries, what allows to run significant distances without an overhead line.

BKM 43303

      Trolleybus model 43303 is a three-axle low-floor articulated trolleybus that is also fitted with a diesel motor generator group for operation without an overhead line.

Trolleybuses of the SOR Libchavy manufacturer
      SOR Libchavy (Sdružení Opravárenství a Rozvoje) is a bus manufacturer from the Czech Republic. It was established in 1991, with business intent to focus on the design, production, sale and service of small buses. The company management decided for the design of a 7.5 m long bus which would use both the body and chassis of own design and engine-gearbox assembly from prominent world manufacturers. Design works were initiated at the end of 1992 and already at the end of 1993, first prototype with Perkins motor and Voith gearbox left the factory.
      SOR Libchavy is a manufacturer of buses for city, intercity and tourist transport, also involved in the production of trolleybuses.
      SOR produces its products mainly for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and also exports to Hungary, Poland, Germany, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine.

Trolleybus SOR TNB 12

      A modern and full low-floor trolleybus designed for public transport operators in cities. Its adaptability for a variable layout of the seats in the interior and a variety of entry-door combinations enables this bus to be used in all urban agglomerations.
     Depending on the configuration, it was manufactured with a traction drive Škoda Electric a. s. (TNB 12 Skoda) or Cegelec a. s (TNB 12 Cegelec).


      SOR TNB 18 is a Czech low-floor articulated trolleybus manufactured since 2009 by SOR Libchavy. The trolleybus is designed on the chassis of the bus SOR NB 18.

The trolleybuses of company Skoda
      In the year 1859, count Valdštejn-Vartenberk established a subsidiary of his foundry and engineering works. In 1866, ing. Emil Škoda, a highly competent engineering expert and dynamic entrepreneur, became the Chief Engineer of the factory which had more than a hundred employees, and in 1869 he purchased the factory. After a short time he expanded the factory and in the 1880s he founded steel works, which were very modern for his era and were able to deliver castings weighing tens of tons. Steel castings and later forged pieces for large passenger and military ships became, together with sugar refineries, important export articles of the Škoda factory.
      After 1989 a transformation period began for the Škoda concern to transform it from a state enterprise into a joint-stock company and to find not only the optimum production programme, but also to expand business contacts and find other markets than the preferred countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance which collapsed after 1989. Škoda Transportation started diversification of its production programme from the key industry of production of railway vehicles to include the sphere of public urban transport. Since the end of the 1990s there has been extensive modernisation of subway train units and increasising production of modern low-floor trams.
      Škoda Transportation group of companies is among the world's largest manufacturers of trams and propulsion units for trolleybuses and a significant regional producer of railway vehicles.

Trolleybus Skoda 7Tr

      Skoda produced trolleybuses in the pre-war period. The production resumed in 1949 - initially the 6Tr model, then the 7Tr model, based on the predecessor. An electrician from ČKD Praha, known from the production of Tatra trams, was used in it. The 7Tr model was created in 1951-1955 and a total of 173 pieces were made.

Trolleybus Skoda 8Tr

      In November 1958 the rolling stock was extended by two trolleybuses of the Czech type ŠKODA 8 Tr. Both vehicles were manufactured by the company ŠKODA Ostrov / ČSSR.
      The trolleybuses of the Czech type ŠKODA 8 Tr showed a series of technical innovations.
      They had three doors and a firm conductor place. The driver could serve all three doors and the woman conductor the middle and rear door.
      The vehicles were equipped with a novel direct electrical control system over 24 V-control switch.
      For the first time the trolleybuses were equipped with spring loaded retrievers (mechanical gripping devices for rapid lowering of the current collectors when dewiring). These had the task to retract the current collectors automatically downward when dewiring and to thus prevent a possible damage of the trolley system.

Trolleybus Skoda 25Tr

      SKODA 25Tr Irisbus is a new high-capacity low-floor trolleybus using the advantages of progressive electrical equipment SKODA and a body of an 18-metre articulated bus AGORA City Bus from the production of the IRISBUS Group.

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