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Trolleybus Skoda 25Tr

General description of the trolleybus

         SKODA 25Tr IRISBUS is a new high-capacity low-fl oor trolleybus using the advantages of progressive electrical equip- ment SKODA and a body of an 18-metre articulated bus AGORA City Bus from the production of the IRISBUS Group.
        The long-tern operation-verifi ed asynchronous traction motor SKODA 18ML 3550 K/4 with rated output 240 kW, used in SKODA trolleybuses and also in vehicles of many other world producers, it is equipped with a gearbox with constant gear ratio and it is supplied from a regulated inverter on the basis of IGBT transistors. This inverter also provides the func- tion of an electro-dynamic brake so that the braking energy is primarily recuperated back into the trolley and if the trolley conditions do not allow that, it is wasted in the brake resistor. The suffi cient braking moment is meanwhile secured during the entire time of braking down to the zero speed of the vehicle.
        A signifi cant reserve of the traction motor power gives the vehicle excellent travel dynamics even up the hill, while the principle of regulation of the traction drive allows for achieving a high level of travel comfort.
        Supply of the asynchronous auxiliary drives (compressor, auxiliary pump etc.) and charging of the on-board battery 24V is secured by static semiconductor converters, whose outputs are galvanically separated from the trolley voltage.
        The electric equipment is mostly placed in a container on the roof. In the rear motor space there can be a supply source of an auxiliary trolleybus drive placed upon the customerís request (diesel-generator or traction accumulator battery) that allows for travel of the vehicle during an outage of trolley voltage or in sections without trolley line.
        The trolleybus is standard-equipped with semiautomatic trolley collectors; cheaper manually controlled collectors can be used on the customerís request (only with the version without an auxiliary drive). Also on the customerís request the trolleybus can be equipped with switch resistor or controller of radio-controlled switches.
         The trolleybus is fi tted with hot-water heating with electric fl ow water heater, supplied by trolley voltage 600 / 750 V DC. The heating elements of the heater have double electrical insulation. The electric equipment of the trolleybus SKODA 25Tr IRISBUS is unifi ed in the maximum possible rate with the electric equipment of the 12-m trolleybus SKODA 24Tr.
        A signifi cant advantage of the trolleybus SKODA 25Tr IRISBUS is maintaining a very high level of unifi cation with buses AGORA City Bus, which will be appreciated especially by transport companies operating trolleybus and bus trans- port while using the stated type of vehicle. This unifi cation allows for using widely distributed servicing network of IRIS- BUS or Karosa.

  • Driver's cab of the trolleybus

Skoda 25Tr. Driver's cab

  • Passenger compartment of the trolleybus

Skoda 25Tr. Passenger compartment

Skoda 25Tr. Passenger compartment

  • View of the trolley bus from behind

Skoda 25Tr. View of the trolley bus from behind

  • Schematic drawing

Skoda 25Tr. Schematic drawing

  • Main technical characteristics

Skoda 25Tr. Main technical characteristics

Trolleybus units
      On the roof of the trolleybus are current collectors, as well as containers, in which there is auxiliary electrical equipment and electrical equipment for driving the traction motor.
      The dashboard of the trolley is made in the form of a semi-circle and is made of plastic, the color is mostly various shades of gray.
      On the left side there is an additional panel with keys. The keys are usually black (however not all), have individual backlighting and drawings and marks with the functions they perform, and they are easy to read.
      The door opening and closing switches are located on the right side, they are well visible, because they are round, red and have a good backlight.
      Only the speedometer is left from the exhibition instruments with the arrow, the remaining auxiliary devices are placed in a special electronic display where the doors are shown, the onboard voltage, the voltage in the contact network, as well as other small options,
      In the center of the dashboard is a display panel, which includes functions such as lights, open doors, ABS, ASR turn signals, high beam, signal from the site, still available disks, stop signal on demand.

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