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Trolleybus SOR TNB 18

General description of the trolleybus

         Articulated trolleybus SOR TNB 18 is developed on the basis of the bus SOR NB 18.

         The body consists of a steel welded frame, on which profiles from a plastic sidewall are glued. It has five double doors. The third door has a wheelchair access platform. The floor level is 360 mm above the road surface, the height of the step is -320 mm.

         Trolleybus TNB 18 is equipped with electronic equipment CEG Electro TV Europulse. Asynchronous traction motor from Pragoimex has an output power of 250 kW and is stored in a container at the rear axle. There are also other components of electrical equipment (static converter, contactors, fuses, etc.). Other electrical components in the roof container.

  • The layout of the passenger compartment

SOR_18.The layout of the passenger compartment

  • Main technical characteristics

SOR_18. Main technical characteristics

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