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Trolleybus SOR TNB 12

General description of the trolleybus

         Depending on the configuration, the trolleybus can be equipped with traction drive:

         1. The company Škoda Electric a. s. with four-pole traction motor 4ML 3444 K/4 with a nominal capacity of 160 kW. Weight about 415 kg. Traction Converter is located on the roof in the block SJ3.1. The brake unit resistors Gino 3PQ4-B00456.
         2. Cegelec a. s. with traction motor TAM 1050 C6B Pragoimex with a rated output of 160 kW. On the roof there are traction transducer CAC 250NF on the basis of IGBT elements and braking device resistance of MEP Postřelmov.

         The trolleyигы is equipped with a recovery system, the braking energy is returned to the trolleybus network.
         The compressed air source is a rotary vane compressor model series 1822 supplied by the company Tibbis. The compressor stands out for reliability and low noise when working.
         The big advantage of the trolleybus is the very low noise level not only outside the vehicle, but also in the cab. There is a place for wheelchairs and also places for people with limited mobility.
         The trolleybus is available in three-door or four-door options.

  • Driver's cab of the trolleybus

SOR_12. Driver's cab

  • Passenger compartment of the trolleybus

SOR_12. Passenger compartment

  • Outline drawing of the trolleybus

SOR_12. Outline drawing

  • A schematic drawing of the trolleybus

SOR_12.Schematic drawing

  • The layout of the passenger compartment

SOR_12.The layout of the passenger compartment

  • Main technical characteristics

SOR_12. Main technical characteristics

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