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Trolleybus BKM 32100D

General description of the trolleybus

         Trolleybus model 32100D – normal capacity, three-door trolley with a transistor traction control motor system for alternating current., equipped with an increased autonomous motion system for 20 km on a lithium-titanate batteries, what allows to run significant distances without an overhead line. This capacity allows the trolleybus to pass through the traffic jam on a public transport line, as well it’s able to pass through the railroad crossing or a road with a broken overhead line quickly. This option will also allow to establish passengers carriage to the new city districts without necessity of trolleybus infrastructure installation and will let to avoid a lot of unnecessary transfers on such routes.
         Trolleybus with ideally checked parameters. The best solution for being used in cities.

         Constructive featues:
                 – Passenger compartment 100% low-floor with no steps;
                 – transistor traction control motor system, which allows to save 44% of electricity consumption (including recuperetion) in comparison with the rheostat-contactor control system;
                 – ramp and kneeling system reduce time spent for getting in and getting out, provide comfortable boarding for passengers with pushchairs, physically challenged and elderly people;
                 – this model of trolleybuses is unique and safe due to the placement of power equipment on the roof in hermetic compartiments.

         Technical features:
                 - Installation of off-line run system up to 20 km based on the LTO-batteries.
                 - Alternationg current motor.
                 - Airy, bright and clear interior design adaptable to customer requirements.
                 - Excellent overview of the whole passenger compartment.
                 - Passenger compartment 100% low-floor.
                 - 2+2 seating.
                 - Glazed partition between driver’s cab and passenger compartment glazed with a gap for ticket sales.
                 - High-performance heating.
                 - Driver’s cabin conditioning.
                 - Passenger doors – 3 double leaf, anti-jamming, rotational-displacing, low noise, eqquiped with an emergency opening system form inside and outside of the trolleybus, alarm for messaging about the passenger’s need of the opening.
                 - Rear axle drive, control by means of IGBT converter.
                 - Mains voltage detection message to driver, short circuit detection, automatic lowering of overhead line rods.
                 - Visual and acoustic aligned passenger information system.
                 - Coloring according agreement with the customer.

         The trolleybus is equipped with the following arrangements:
                 - a ramp for an easier entrance of passengers with wheelchairs;
                 - the system of body pitch (kneeling);
                 - a place for a wheelchair, a special system for its fixation and special seats for physically challenged passengers.

         Optional features installed on the customer’s request:
                 - Full air-conditioning for the entire vehicle by means of three separate air-conditioning units.
                 - Conductor seat and heating for conductor area on request from customer.
                 - Automatic central lubrication system.
                 - Fire suppression system.
                 - GPS.
                 - Power meter.
                 - Passenger compartment conditioning.
                 - Mirrors with control from the driver’s cabin.

  • Outline drawing of the trolleybus

BKM 32100D

  • Driver's cab of the trolleybus

BKM 32100D Driver's cab

  • Passenger compartment of the trolleybus

BKM 32100D Passenger compartment

  • Main technical characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 60
Passenger capacity, people 90
Number of seats 22
Unladen weight of trolley, ready for operation, kg 11900
Maximum mass, kg 18000
Front axle ZF-PASSAU, Germany or RABA, Hungary
Rear Axle ZF-PASSAU, Germany or RABA, Hungary
Mains voltage, V 550
The floor height above the road, mm 340
Number of doors 3
Length, mm 11,755
Width (without mirrors), mm 2,500
Continuous output of electric motor, kW 150

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