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        This article describes a solution of a complex information system for public transportation that provides control of dispatching, vehicles, depots and intelligent stops. This system has already been successfully installed and the Herman company keeps developing and innovating it. Now also a solution for integrated transportation systems is being prepared.

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  • A Complex System Contains All Components and Unified Data
  • Data Channels from the Dispatching to the Vehicles and Panels
  • New Generation On-Board Computers
  • Vehicle Information Panels
  • Stop Panels and Digital Signs

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        On-board computers of the EPIS 4.0x series – a new perspective on vehicle informatics. These on-board computers bring a new perspective on information, control, communication and checking systems of public transportation vehicles.

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  • On-board computers of the EPIS 4.0x series – a new perspective on vehicle informatics.
  • Basic properties of EPIS 4.0X on-board computers.
  • Vehicles with EPIS 4.0x on-board computers.
    • Bidirectional trams with cabin A and B adapters.
    • Joined trams with full information system equipment.
    • Joined trams without full equipment – pulled tramcars.
  • EPIS 4.0x on-board computer installation in public transportation vehicles.

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        Thanks to a large LCD display (10.4″) and a high quality capacity touchscreen the EPIS 5 FCC on-board computer with checking allows new ways of controlling checking in of passengers and setting the vehicle information systems. A simplified description can be found below.

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  • The Initial Screen of the EPIS 5 FCC.
  • The Public Transportation Ticket Sale Screen.
  • The Regional Public Transportation Ticket without Connection Sale Screen.
  • The Regional Public Transportation Ticket with Connection Sale Screen.
  • The Route Screen.

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        We offer two basic versions of passenger checking systems for public transportation - for municipal public transportation, where passengers do the checking themselves using contactless cards including bank cards and for regional public transportation, where the checking is done by the driver.

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  • The concept of municipal checking.
  • The concept of check in on public transport
  • Information and checking system layout in public transportation vehicles.
  • General properties of the EPIS 5 checking systems.

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        A digital stop sign is a stop/station sign (hereinafter stop sign) either with a built-in information system containing public transportation vehicle departures or with an independent panel that is a part of the stop sign. Built-in stop sign LED panels are characterized by a small number of lines (1-4) and high LED density – diode spacing 4 – 5 mm. Digital stop signs usually have shorter readability distance (up to 15 m) which corresponds with the script size of about 3 cm.

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  • Built-in graphic LED digital stop signs – the ELP 10x series.
  • Stop signs displaying arrival times – the ELP 13x series.
  • Stop signs supplemented with an information panel – the ELP 15x series.
  • Small graphic information stop LED panels – the ELP 16x series.

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        Single color graphic LED information panels are designed to display both text information and graphic information. The demanded information or graphics can be displayed in variously defined “windows”. They are produced in various sizes and renderings. The LED surface of these panels is seamless with no spaces between lines. These panels always contain LED diodes of the same color (red, yellow, white and others on demand).

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  • Basic properties of single color graphic LED panels.
  • Graphic information LED panels for large junctions – the ELP 302 series.
  • Graphic information stop panels – the ELP 31x series.
    • Electronic information LED panels – 5-line with a clock – the ELP 310 series.
    • Electronic information LED panels – 3-line with a clock – the ELP 311 series.
    • Electronic information LED panels – 3-line – the ELP 15x series.
  • Graphic information departure LED panels –the ELP 320 series.
  • Graphic information LED stop panels – the ELP 330 series.
  • Historic graphic information LED panels.

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        Electronic station display panels (hereafter ELP) and systems are meant for informing (using images or voice) the passengers at the stops about arrivals, delays, departures of public transportation vehicles and about extraordinary transportation situations or other circumstances in the surrounding region. Up to date information is acquired from the dispatching department or other sources (e.g. induction loops, ISM band communication using the FHSS method).

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  • The history of the development of information panels and systems in our company.
  • Types of produced information panels.

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        The following types of inner and outer information display components – direction indicators – are produced with either LED or LCD panels (tableaus) for public transportation vehicles.

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  • Displaying Czech characters on LED and LCD panels.
  • Outer information LED panels (tableaus).
  • Inner LED panels (displays).
  • Inner LCD panels for passengers.
  • Combined side LED/LCD panels (LED-outer/LCD-inner).
  • Course number indicators.
  • Basic features of direction indicators (LED/LCD panels) in public transportation vehicles.

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        Is it necessary to use up to three SIM cards for data transfers in public transportation vehicles or is one SIM card enough? This article deals with the solution of this problem and with connections with a complex public transportation information system and also with the way of interconnecting these systems (dispatching, depots, stops, vehicles, passengers, and transportation technologies for the transportation itself). The article also describes individual types of communication and technology.

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  • What Are Specific Data Streams in a Complex Transportation Control System?
    • Controlling Transportation and Supplying Data Regarding Its State to the Passengers.
    • Passenger Information Data and Transportation Control Data Preparation.
    • Data Regarding Passenger Check-in.
    • Additional systems for transportation.
  • Technical Devices Used for Communication in the System.
  • Overview of Communications inside Vehicles and with Vehicles.
  • What Is the Solution Considering the Current Development of Vehicle Data Communication?
  • Conclusion.

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        The computer contains a printer with extended lifespan, a contactless chip card reader, GPS with 2,5 m accuracy, GSM/GPRS/UMTS communication, WiFi, 4x digital annunciator unit, 4x SAM module, up to 32 GB SSD, a passenger color LCD, 2x25W and 2x10W amplifier, Ethernet, USB, a multi-core computer and other technical amenities and all this at an acceptable price

Page content:
  • General properties of the EPIS 5 FCC compact on-board computer with check-in.
  • Parameters of the on-board computer with checking – EPIS 5 FC.
  • Configuration EPIS 5 FC.
  • Mechanic rendering.
  • Recommended vehicle installation

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